Any boy with a jeep, stretchers, piercings, tattoos, a amazing smile, 6ft tall and browns eyes. Is my kind of boy. 

Boyfriends old jeep that we rolled :( This jeep has so many good memories.


Rolling it down talus/ taking the long way home and staring at the city lights <3

Jeep mentality: This story was the funniest story ive herd of my boyfriend and joey doing.

So, Theres a hotel 3 mins away from the school. Taylor and Joey both have Jeep TJ’s so they had the Idea oh! Jeeps dont have to take roads they make there own roads so at the hotel they have with grass hill and Taylor was like lets go through here..well.. taylor got stuck, the hotel manager called the cops and when Taylor was talking to the cops. All he said was… ” Its Jeep Mentality “

My boyfriend and mine/his friends are the bigggesst shit disturbers in the school.